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In 2015 Southern gave the Friends the go ahead to put a photographic display in Coulsdon South Station Booking Hall.  In December a large frieze of photographs of Farthing Downs and Happy Valley through the seasons was in place above the ticket sales window with three other large photographs, one displayed by the entrance and another two by the seating area.  A leaflet ‘Valuing Your Local Environment’ to accompany the exhibition is available for commuters.


More photographs are planned for later in 2016.






The Friends of Farthing Downs entered into a partnership with Southern in 2014 to clear, plant and maintain the platform flowerbeds. In return Southern agreed to a Friends occasional stall at the entrance to platform 1 and a permanent display panel promoting Farthing Downs and Happy Valley at the entrance to platform 2.


Members of East Coulsdon Residents’ Association have contributed to the gardening project both with planning, donations and practical help.


2016 WORK PROGRAMME (click here for previous tasks 2014/2015)




Ø Platform 2 North:  Continue maintenance of beds: plant summer annuals; spread compost; weeding; water in dry periods.


Ø Platform 2 South: Planting of Forget-me-nots and summer flowering bulbs along the narrow bed in front of the wooden fence.  Continue with general maintenance.


Ø Platform 1 North:  Fixing of boards along railed fence at back of bed to prevent spread of weeds and protect plants; spread compost; plant summer annuals; continue regular maintenance; water in dry periods.


Ø Platform 2 South:  Pruning of shrubs and planting of perennials. Continue regular maintenance.


Front Entrance and Grassed Banks:


Ø Front Entrance (by station sign):  Continue planting of shade loving plants.  Spread ornamental bark to suppress weeds and discourage littering. General maintenance, weeding and watering in dry periods.


Front grassed bank (Brighton Road):


Ø Turf removed and cleared to create small bed.  Planting of Saffron Crocuses donated by Croydon Council.  Bed to be edged with bricks.


Planters: Platforms 1 & 2:


Ø Re-plant with geraniums late spring; water weekly; re-locate some of the planters to Platform 2 entrance.


2016 Promotion of Farthing Downs and environs:


ü Exhibition in Coulsdon Library February/March


ü Installation of Nature Trail information board by Post 1 Farthing Downs.


ü Stall at Old Coulsdon Village Fair, Saturday 2nd July, 12 – 4.30 p.m.


Shrubs and perennials were donated by volunteers; annuals were funded by Friends of Farthing Downs and by a grant received from Southern.



Updated 27/01/16




2014 Summer to early autumn:


Platform 1 (north): 


Beds cleared of weeds and overgrowth; Shrubs cut back and planting of:


Ø Annuals: Begonias, Lobelias, Geraniums, Pansies and Petunias.


Ø Perennials: Planting of Lavender, St John’s Wart, varieties of daisies, Forget-me-nots, hardy Geraniums, Tulips, Daffodils and Teasels


Ø Shrubs:  Forsythia


Ø Planters: Planting of Trailing Lobelia, Petunias and Geraniums (summer), winter flowering Pansies (autumn)


Platform 2 (south):


Ø Small narrow central strip cleared and planted with spring bulbs and wallflowers.


Ø Clearance of narrow strip next to fence and planting of hardy Geraniums


Ø Forsythia and Bergennia planted


Ø Small bed near exit/entrance planted with selection of perennials.


2014/2015 Late winter – early spring:


Platform 1 (north):


Maintenance: Weeding, pruning, thinning and preparation work for summer annual planting:


General tasks undertaken:


Ø Planters: Trailing Lobelia; Geraniums


Ø Beds:   Removal of Forget-me-nots, planting of Nicotinia and Impatiens


2015 Summer – early autumn:


Platform 1 North:


Ø  Perennials and shrubs planted


Ø Compost spread


Ø Daffodils, Tulips and Crocus bulbs planted


Ø General maintenance, weeding and watering in dry spells.


Platform 2 North:


Ø Planting of shrubs: Bamboo; Privet Hedge; Montana Clematis


Ø Planting of Montbretia, hardy Geraniums and spring bulbs


Ø Compost spread


Ø General maintenance, weeding and watering in dry spells


Platform 2 South:


Ø Clearance of narrow bed beneath fence ready for planting


Front bed near Station Sign:


Ø Clearance of weeds, stones and litter.  Compost spread


Ø Planting of Ferns, Hellebores, Bergennias, Antirrhinums, Forget-me-nots, Acer, Montana Clematis and spring bulbs


Ø Decorative stones put in place at edge and round drains.


Ø General maintenance, weeding and watering in dry weather.


Shrubs and perennials were donated by volunteers; annuals were funded by Friends of Farthing Downs and by a grant received from Southern.